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Amusing fun in the original look of the superstars of the 80's; to laugh, participate and sing.

It was a stylistically moved decade with a variety of innovative bands and therefore an inspiration for several generations.  

The "Neue Deutsche Welle" reached a commercial high point in the 80’s and was beside Rock, Pop, New Wave, Synthiepop also the beginning of  popular electronic music.

It was a wild decade - while still nice and free in expression - whose music is not, however, from Yesterday. Musically the 80s are never really "out" and they are also not to be got down in the presence. This show's not only at last the actually music programmes of radio and TV stations in which the music of this decade is still very present. also think about the 80s annual fashion revival of the last years.

And what was else in the stormy eighties?

The eighties were a decade of the consume! Fashionably you lay with neon colours, striped trousers, moon washed jeans and Converse shoes completely in the trend. Glitter, done batik and net shirts were announced. Importantly, however, it was: a lot Makeup, frills and shoulder pads!

The little magic cube drove many to despair. Beside the fitness wave to conquered dance movements like break dance and the duck's dance the hearts in Germany.

It was the era of the Walkman and the records, however, also the consoles, the CD and the home computer were on the advance. Everybody was politically correct, peace-moved and couraged of the convictions stood at the uppermost place. The ecological consciousness awoke and the people were involved.

Freely the motto: „breathing space, history will be made, it leads the way!” the attitude to life of the 80s was also brought musically to the point. A wonderful time with all the awkwardness which is just entertaining in the additional consideration.



The 80S Tributeshow




INFO VIDEO PICTURES BAND DancingCrew Program 80's CONTACT Organizer Merch